3 Reasons to Hire a More Experienced Roofer for Slate Roof Installations

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If you are currently in the process of getting your roof replaced and the material that you consider the best for your building is slate, you must know that the material needs special techniques during the installation – techniques that not all roofers master. Here is why it is very important to get your new slate roof installed by a GAF Master Elite Colorado Springs roofing company who has experienced with handling stone roofs:

  • a brittle and heavy material – slate roofing materials are practically slabs cut from larger pieces of stone. While slate is definitely one of the most durable and strongest roofing materials available today, the natural stone is also very brittle and breaks and chips easily if accidentally hit or dropped. To be able to get your roof installed without wasting precious material, you need a roofer who is aware of the importance of handling the slabs with gentle care;
  • special fastening techniques – slate roofs are installed one slab at a time, the process requiring the use of special fasteners and special, gentle, yet efficient movements. The roofer in charge of installing your new roof must also be familiar with the ideal overlap to prevent leagues under the roof faults;
  • Great tastes need some help from dexterity – slate roofs are made up from many smaller pieces of stone. Being cut from a larger rock, no two slabs look the same, which also means that achieving the best appearance requires some experience in terms of how to combine the grains and the hues.

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