3 Tips for Getting a Good Flat Roof Inspection

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Flat roof maintenance is among the most essential roofing tasks that you should never neglect. Ideally performed twice a year, once in fall and one more time in spring, your roof maintenance sessions should also include roof inspection. Here are some essential things to look for during that inspection:

  • checking for the most common issues in sensitive areas – flat roofs tend to become more prone to damage in the areas where two types of materials meet, therefore it is very important to include all these areas into the inspection. The seams, the sides, the areas covered in flashing should all be checked to detect surface damage that could cause legs to appear;
  • checking the gutter systems – the drainage of your flat roof is an essential component that ensures the roofs prolonged life. A commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO Roofing Association Member confers that roof inspections should always be extended to the drainage system as well, checking the gutters for clogs, cracks, damaged fasteners and other issues such as corrosion;
  • Problems that affect the surface – blistering, punctures, cracks and sagging areas that allow for water to accumulate should all be eliminated as soon as detected, so these problems should always be checked for during roof inspections.

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