3 Tips on How to Approach Mold Buildup on Your Roof

Mold buildup can turn into a serious problem pretty quickly. If you have a new roof, you might end up having to replace it again just because it’s being affected by mold. The biggest problem is if the mold is caused by internal water damage affecting the deck and underlayment, in which case there is no easy way to address the situation without scraping at least part of the roof off and replacing the shingles once the repair to the interior structure is completed.

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To avoid all that hassle, it’s important to adopt a preventive approach to dealing with mold:

  1. A Colorado Springs roofing company with 5 star reviews suggests that you perform preventive maintenance methods and check your roof for mold buildup constantly. The best time to check is a few hours after a storm. If you have a roofing leak, make sure you also call in an expert to inspect your roof and let you know if they can do anything about the leak and prevent mold build-up from happening as well.
  2. Check for mold in the attic and on the roof. If you notice any mold, call in a professional as soon as possible to repair the affected part of your roof and advise you about what you should do when it comes to other areas of your home that might be affected.
  3. Keep track of the spread of mold even after the initial problem was resolved. Mold can survive in dark and damp spaces, and if they failed to remove any of it, then you’ll have to make sure that it’s detected and that it doesn’t spread any more.

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