3 Tips on How to Stay Up to Date with Commercial Roofing Upgrades

Fort Collins commercial roofing

If you want your flat roof to require as little maintenance as possible, and to extend its lifespan, upgrading is the best option. Older commercial roofs can be upgraded in several ways which is cheaper than a replacement project and adds some extra years of protection.

  1. Liquid coating

Liquid coating is a great solution that is both effective and easy to apply on all flat roof materials. It seals the surface of the roof protecting against adverse weather conditions including punctures and impact damage from hail storms. A white liquid coating can also make a roof more energy efficient. For some flat roof systems adding liquid coating can be part of the repair process, especially if the same problem keeps recurring again and again.

  • Installing a better membrane

Nowadays, there are flat roof membranes that can protect a roof even for 50 years (e.g., EPDM), so you should consider this upgrade for increased protection and peace of mind in the long run.

  • Green roofing options

Going green is a very responsible thing to do nowadays as we face the effects of global warming. With green roofs and solar roof covers the upgrades go far beyond the simple functionality of a flat roof. Green roofs can be highly waterproofed or may include eco-friendly water filtration systems. Solar panel roofs, on the other hand, can help you produce your own green energy.

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