5 Roof Maintenance Tips from the Best Fort Collins Professionals

The lifetime and structural integrity of your home depend on the condition of your roof. Regular roof maintenance should not be neglected as it can result in expensive repairs and other dangers like water infiltration and structural damage. These problems can be avoided with regular inspections and appropriate maintenance operations, which will also guarantee the adequate performance of your roof.

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Check out these 5 tips for maintaining a roof from the best Fort Collins professionals.

  1. Keep your roof and gutters debris-free. Each season comes with its own assortment of debris: bird nests twigs and dirt in the spring-summer and leaves in the autumn-winter – all these have the potential to clog your gutters and downspouts. To ensure proper water drainage, keep them clean!
  2. Look for moss and mold. Constant moisture and shade, which are frequent in the winter, can cause moss and mold formation on your roof. As a consequence, shingles may suffer damage and lose their protective qualities.
  3. Look for shingles that are cracked or missing. Some shingles are susceptible to structural damage from temperature changes and extreme weather phenomena, which could lead to water infiltration and further roof damage.
  4. Trim surrounding trees – The annual roof maintenance must include pruning back trees that grow too close to or above the roof. Not only do you minimize the debris accumulating in the gutters, but you also protect the roof from hitting or fallen branches, during storms.
  5. Finally yet importantly, always hire the best Fort Collins roofing company to deal with the annual maintenance of your roof.

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