A Quick Guide to Roofing Licenses and Certifications

To be able to operate legally in most states, roofers are required to take the state’s contractor exam. Commercial roof repair Fort Collins roofers need to obtain certifications from roofing material manufacturers to be able to provide warranty on the labor provided.

commercial roof repair

The first step toward obtaining the contractor’s license is to seek employment as an unlicensed apprentice with a roofing company. While working for an already licensed Fort Collins contractor, apprentices can learn the basics of the profession and they can decide whether roofing is indeed the line of career that they want to pursue. The next step is obtaining the study manual for the contractor’s exam, followed by the exam. After passing the exam, the roofer receives a certificate that allows him to register a legal business and to start working as a roofing contractor. Most states issue roofer’s licenses for a specific amount of time, requiring roofers to undergo further testing whenever their license expires and they want to renew it.

Many states require roofing businesses to carry various insurances and to be bonded as well. Some manufacturers of roofing materials also require them to undergo training and/or to pass certification exams to be allowed to provide warranty on their labor while working with that specific manufacturer’s products.

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