Are Residential Roof Repairs Harder Than Commercial Repairs?

Roof repair, whether of a residential roof or a commercial structure, is a set of operations performed in order to restore the strength and integrity of the roof. It is not more difficult to repair residential roofs than commercial ones, just different.

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Here are some important things to know about the two processes:

  • Moving around on the structure – while residential roofs are usually sloping structures, commercial roofs are flat, which means that it is much easier to move around on a commercial roof. It is also much easier to take all the tools and devices needed for performing the repairs onto a commercial roof.
  • Size – commercial roofs usually feature larger square footage than residential structures. A Colorado Springs roofing company near me explains that the area that needs to be maintained and checked for damage is larger as well. Larger size usually means more roof features to be checked.
  • Commercial roof checks involve only the external surface – while residential roof inspections need to include checks from the inside by standing on the attic floor, flat commercial roofs can usually be checked only from the roof’s exterior surface. If the commercial building has an attic though, the roof must be checked the same way as residential roofs.

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