Are Roofing Scams Common in Colorado?

During certain months, Colorado may see some extreme weather including wind and hail that can produce extensive roof damage; in these circumstances, roofing scams are most likely to appear.

What is a roof scam? It is an illegitimate company that promises lots more than it offers, being focused on taking money from people in vulnerable situations without providing quality services in return.

There is a roofing scam awareness program to educate people about identifying different scam scenarios such as down payment scam, roofing thieves scam, mandatory inspection scam, free roof scam etc.

fraud alert

Typically, there are some warning signs about these companies and their co-called “professionals”. They will typically report more damage than it really is and sometimes they even create the damage themselves, so make sure to take detailed videos and photos of your damaged roof before allowing anyone to repair it. Also, ask for proof that the company is licensed, insured and has a stable office and reputation in the state. Do not sign any contract before getting a written estimation that you have the chance to review properly.

Do not fall for the promise of significantly smaller costs, not even when they are disguised into reimbursements for your deductible. That’s most likely fraud. Make sure the Fort Collins roofer provides a warranty and copy of contract and payment for insurer,

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