Can Residential Roofs be Used on Commercial Buildings?

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There are many ways to classify roofs, one of them being based on the type of building that the roof is built on. In this system, the two most common roof types are residential and commercial roofs, with residential roofs being composed of one, two or even more slopes, while the roofs that were most commonly built on commercial applications were flat. However, this distinction has become blurred over the years as modern residential buildings started featuring flat roofs, and these transformations have also allowed people to cover residential roofs using the materials that used to be applied only on commercial roofs.

In the present, there are many materials that used to be reserved for commercial roofs and that are today used on residential buildings, some of the most common examples including built-up roofs made from a combination of tar paper or bitumen and aggregate and the roofs built from metal sheets or panels. However, the other way around is not really true – the materials used on pitched residential roofs, such as asphalt shingles, clay or cement tiles and wood, cannot be used on commercial applications for the reason that they are unsuitable for building flat structures and they would not be sufficiently resistant to chemical spills and to the other special requirements that commercial roofs need to fulfill.

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