Can You Fix a Commercial Roof Without Hiring a Team of Pros?

DIY roofing has been considered quite often in the residential roofing industry even in the past few years. Although experts recommend against it, a lot of homeowners take to fixing at least minor roofing issues on their own. The question is, can this approach also apply to commercial systems?

Commercial roofing is significantly more complex. Although the flat surfaces allow for better access, fixing a commercial roof is usually more demanding and difficult, not to mention the fact that it would require specialized equipment even for the seemingly least problematic of tasks.

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Although the answer to whether or not you can fix a commercial roof on your own is oftentimes a positive one, almost all reputable commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO professionals say that there are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t attempt it:

  • There is less knowledge available about modern day commercial roofs, how they are installed and what the best approach to repairing them might be.
  • Attempting to repair them is not only difficult, but very unsafe.
  • Since you’re running a business, your resources and staff should normally be focused on that, rather than taking time out of their valuable schedule (and yours) to fix the roof.
  • Some commercial roofing issues are very subtle and require specific methods and tools to solve. Even if you could apply a quick fix, chances are that the problem will return soon enough.

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