Can Your Solar Installation in Denver Handle Local Thunderstorms?

If you are concerned that local thunderstorms and other severe weather conditions could harm your solar installation in Denver, you should be relieved to learn that solar energy is a dependable and renewable energy source that people all over the country can rely on during inclement weather thanks to stringent industry testing and certifications.

According to honest solar repair Denver CO contractors, the majority of solar panels have wind resistance ratings of 140 mph. For photovoltaic systems, certain states and localities have their own regulations in place, particularly in hurricane-prone areas. For instance, some of them mandate that solar power installations can withstand gusts of at least 160 mph.

The resilience of solar panels to harsh weather over time demonstrates the value of these testing and certifications.

Solar panels have demonstrated their toughness in the face of major hurricanes from New Jersey to Puerto Rico. They can withstand hurricanes and hail, but that does not guarantee that they will continue to supply electricity after the storm. Even if your solar panels are in excellent operating condition, they will switch down if your system is connected to the grid and there is a power outage – so this is really the only concern and it does not have to do with Denver’s climate in particular.

However, there is a solution even in such a context. Even when the grid is down, you may still use the sun’s energy with the aid of solar batteries. Until the grid gets back online, your solar batteries will continue to supply your home with electricity, and your panels will keep adding solar energy to your batteries to top them off.

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