Commercial Roofing Solutions for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Fort Collins commercial roofing

Photovoltaic panels

A flat roof is a very good location for the installation of photovoltaic panels, as it offers easy access for maintenance and a rather generous space for installation. The panels will not be visible from the street. Installed on a flat roof, they can produce much more electricity if they are tilted towards the sun than if they were mounted horizontally, on the roof. That is why they are often installed on a specially designed system, at an angle of about 15°, which increases their performance by reducing the risk of one row of solar panels overshadowing another row of panels.

Fort Collins commercial roofing energy efficient specialists confirm that fastening technologies are designed in such a way that the photovoltaic system has the best efficiency and, at the same time, the roof structure is not affected.

Green roofs

More and more flat roofs are being turned into green roofs, which is an excellent solution both for a less polluting environment and for protecting the building itself.

A green roof consists of a vegetation layer, placed on top of the existing roof which can grow and develop naturally without human intervention. These roofs can be totally or partially covered with soil and vegetation, and placed on top of a tested and certified waterproofing membrane that prevents water infiltration and root penetration.

A green roof helps to maintain a constant temperature regardless of the season, which, ultimately, allows money savings on heating and cooling solutions.

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