Creative Residential Roofing Options for the Denver & Colorado Springs Area

Living and working in the Denver area can be problematic if you don’t know much about the local climate and weather patterns. Colorado in general is much more dry and the temperature differences throughout the year can be much larger when compared to other parts of the country. As a result, the types of building materials you might be used to will likely not work as well here, and residents and experts in the Denver and Colorado Springs area will point out that you have to adapt to materials that do work.

Interstate Roofing

The most creative, practical and appealing residential roofing options for Denver and Colorado Springs are typically those that meet all the functional requirements of a suitable roof, while also looking great and lasting a long time. Metal, slate and concrete roofing is typically considered to be ideal. Also, green and solar panel roofing have been used more often by local residents due to the growth in popularity of energy efficient and eco-friendly roofing technologies. Some flat roofing solutions such as TPO and EPDM are also being successfully used for residential applications.

A metal roof is probably the best choice when it comes to high quality, sloped roofing that is long lasting and low-maintenance. Metal roofs also have a great track record when it comes to fire resistance, and they don’t need as many heavy and expensive repairs as some other roofing materials.

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