Do the Seasons Impact Roof Repairs?

Best time for Colorado Springs roofing companies to preform roofing services

People often wonder why Fall is the best season for repairing a roof and how different weather conditions have an effect on repairs. Having roof maintenance in the Fall is ideal for having maintenance work done on the roof because of the ideal temperatures and little humidity.

Roof Repairs During Spring and Summer

Spring brings back the mild temperatures of Fall and can also be an ideal time for a roof maintenance project. Also, the availability of roofing contractors is a huge benefit and people can save a lot on material prices. However, spring is known to have mild showers from time to time, making it a bit difficult to find the right moment to begin the maintenance.

Because of the extreme temperatures, Summer is not ideal for roof maintenance, especially for workers. Spending too much time on the roof, under the hot summer sun can cause a lot of issues for the workers. Weathers in Summer can be unpredictable. One moment the sun may be shining and the next, there is a thunderstorm, impeding any progress made on roof repairs, while the home remains exposed to the elements.

Roof Repairs During Fall and Winter

Extreme weather conditions such as the high temperatures of summer, or the frigid conditions of winter can hurt the repairs, as well as the workers that do the work. Late Summer and early Fall is ideal. The temperatures begin to cool a bit and the rainy days of Fall are a bit further away. A major disadvantage of Fall is that Colorado Springs roofing companies are in high demand during this season, and finding available one can prove a bit of challenge.

Same as in the summer, winter working conditions are not ideal. Not only will the worker be less productive due to the frigid weather, but the materials and work itself may also suffer. Sealants won’t adhere correctly, making it more difficult to install new shingles. If there is no emergency present, roofing maintenance in the Winter should be avoided.

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