Does the Dry Climate of Colorado Imply the Need for Special Commercial Roofing?

It’s impossible to take Denver commercial roofing seriously without addressing the elephant in the room: Colorado’s dry climate. The climate in Colorado is notoriously dry and prone to fires and to damage materials that are too sensitive to UV radiation. Colorado’s summers are pretty hot as well, so you’ll need a dependable cool roof that will prevent your AC from working overtime.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Although there is no “special” roof designed especially for dry climate, Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors with extensive experience will point out that there are roofing systems with qualities that make them a preferred choice when you’re dealing with high UV radiation, dry winds and lack of atmospheric humidity. One good example is modified bitumen (MB) which is made from an asphalt-based material that makes it fireproof and extremely resilient in the face of weather and temperature changes – an ideal combination of traits for dealing with desert areas and places that are overly dry.

Metal roofing and green roofing will also provide good protection against sudden heat changes and dryness, although green roofs are significantly harder to maintain when the weather gets too hot. A few other choices you can consider include thermoset single ply membrane roofing, solar panel roofing and TPO – which is one of the best choices for a commercial roof if you also need good protection from tearing, puncturing and bacterial growth.

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