Does Your Commercial Roof Need Better Maintenance?

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Roof maintenance is an often neglected task, even though most companies are aware of the importance of having a solid, well-maintained roof on their building. If you are not sure whether your maintenance routine is optimal or it can do with a revision, here is how commercial roofs should be maintained:

  • Get the roof checked twice a year by accomplished Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors – getting your roof inspected and cleaned by a roofing contractor in spring and again in fall is the best way to ensure that any fault, even the smallest one, is caught in time;
  • Do not neglect the drainage system – the gutters that surround your roof play a crucial role in preserving your roof in good condition, but they can do their job only if they are solid, correctly fastened and free from clogs, cracks and sagging. The semi-annual inspections should include the gutter pipes, too, but that is usually not enough – the pipes should be checked and cleaned after major weather events, such as storms;
  • Maintain your landscape – if you have large trees with branches overhanging the roof, you should regular check those trees for weakened or dead limbs and you should cut off those branches to prevent any roof damage caused by fallen tree limbs.

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