Fall Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Gutters

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Gutters are simple and often neglected components of building envelopes, but they are also essential for maintaining the safety and the durability of the entire building. The gutters are responsible for collecting the water coming from the roof and for directing it away from the building and into the ground to prevent water damage to the roof as well as to the walls and to the foundation. To be able to do their job properly, gutters need to be maintained free of clogs – based on feedback from Colorado Springs roofing company pros, here is how to achieve that cleanliness with a few simple moves:

  • Get a scoop, a brush, a bucket and a ladder – these are the tools you will need;
  • Put on proper work gear – non-slip boots, work gloves, comfortable work clothes and a protective helmet are essential for safe gutter cleaning;
  • Doing the job – climb up on the ladder with your tools, scrape out any debris and goo that you find in the gutter pipes and collect all that dirt into your bucket. Check and clean the downspouts, too – they direct the water into the ground, therefore they should also be clog free;
  • Flushing the roof – if you have a hose that is long enough to reach the gutters, flush the pipes with water for even more thorough cleanliness.

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