Give Your Garage The Ultimate Design Makeover

Have you been in your garage lately? This part of the house can get neglected during the winter months. The cold pushes us back into the comfort of the heated indoors and it becomes nothing more than a place to park the car and store boxes of stuff.

Now that spring has sprung though, it is time to reclaim your garage and bring it to its full potential. We don’t want to get too philosophical but your garage is an extension of your house and an extension of you. It’s time to clean out all of the old boxes of junk and give your garage the makeover it deserves. Workshop Design – Bob Vila To some, a garage is much more than a place to park the car and store junk. To the car enthusiast, it is a nerve center with a lift, a wash and wax station, and cabinetry for an extensive supply of tools; to the carpenter it is a woodworking shop with a table saw, a ventilation system, and workbenches to detail out the latest project. It is a place for the guys to hang out. It is the tool type’s equivalent of a gourmet kitchen.

“People spend thousands of dollars on their kitchens, as a place to cook, congregate, and for a certain level of comfort,” says Steve D’Gerolamo, founder and owner of The Ultimate Garage. So why not garages? Beyond the basics of four walls and roof, a garage workshop becomes a second home for the enthusiast — housing tools, toys, workstations, and more. So it’s little wonder that the garage of old is getting one serious makeover.

Garage Basics A new garage construction project requires the same basic considerations as a new home construction project — site preparation, permits, foundation work, framing, roofing, and mechanicals. Most garages rest on slabs, but any drainage system for a mechanic’s workshop will require more extensive excavation, foundation work, and filter systems for oil and grease. Knowing how the space will be used prior to breaking ground is essential. Read more…

Whether you are putting a new roof on your home or your garage Interstate Roofing will help you with all of your roof repairs or replacements.

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