Helpful Upgrades to Extend the Life of Your Old Commercial Roof

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When you want to make sure that your flat roof is as low-maintenance as possible and that its lifespan can be extended, the best option is to upgrade it. An old commercial roof can be upgraded in a number of ways rather than being scrapped. That way you will be able to avoid the expense of getting it replace and keep it in place for years to come.

One of the main types of upgrades that a flat roof might require is a special coating that either helps protect against bad weather – including puncture and impact damage from hail storms – and against intense UV radiation from the sun. For some flat roofing systems, added coating can be part of the repair process, especially if the same recurring issue tends to come up over and over again.

According to top commercial roofing Denver CO specialists, some membrane roofs can actually be installed on top of each other. Although this isn’t technically an upgrade, it can be considered as such when the new layers are fitted with superior coating or when additional improvements are added. In some cases, business owners might even choose this option to get past repairs that would otherwise be too difficult or costly.

For green roofs and solar panel roofing, the upgrading involves goes far beyond the simple function of a basic flat roof. Green roofs can have advanced waterproofing installed, as well as eco-friendly water filtration systems that keep plants irrigated but protect the interior of the building very efficiently. Solar panel roofing typically includes upgrades that increases the power output or efficiency rate of the solar array, so you can recover more of the electricity that your building would normally use.

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