How Are Denver Solar Roofing Shingles Installed?

Even though solar roofing shingles use the same photovoltaic technology as solar arrays and solar panels mounted on existing roofs, there is a clear and distinctive difference between solar panels installed on a roof and solar panel roofing. While the former requires that your roof already be there, installed before the solar array was even brought into discussion, a solar panel roof implies that the solar panels are the actual roofing shingles as well.

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Unlike conventional solar panels, solar shingles are not actually mounted on racks in the regular way. Instead, they’re attached directly to the roof’s decking and set in place instead of the conventional shingles. Solar shingles are thus used to maximize the amount of available space on your roof to generate electricity, as well as protecting your roof from UV radiation and storms over time.

Although a solar panel roof might not be as resilient as a metal or slate roof, with the best solar Denver CO maintenance pros it can still last a very long time. Moreover, the shingles are functional and capable of generating electric current on a regular basis, so you’ll be paying a lot less on your electricity bill over the next 20-30 years.

Solar panels may have been expensive in the past, but today the technology has become very efficient as well as more affordable. A solar panel roof is the perfect alternative to other roofing systems that might simply add the benefit of aesthetics rather than function.

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