How Does Flat Roof Maintenance Work?

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Flat roofs, whether installed on commercial facilities or used on residential buildings, are strong structures that can stand up to a lot, but even these strong building components need regular maintenance to maintain their strength. Here is how that maintenance should work:

  • Regularity is key – maintenance sessions should be carried out based on a schedule. Ideally, your flat roof and the adjacent gutters need to be cleaned and inspected twice a year, once in spring and again in fall, to prepare the roof for the two harder seasons, summer and winter;
  • Additional inspections – strong storms and other forms of extreme weather can damage even well-maintained roofs, so it is very important to check your roof after each major event;
  • The tasks involved with maintenance – maintenance visits should involve the thorough cleaning of the roof surface as well as of the gutters and the vents and the detailed, inch-by-inch inspection of the roof and the adjacent parts. Any roof faults detected during the inspections need to be addressed in a timely manner – commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros recommend that quick repair action is essential to prevent the aggravation of the fault and to prolong the life of the roof;
  • Coating – if the roof is made from a material that could benefit from the additional protection provided by weatherproof coatings, the coats need to be refreshed every couple of years after the first application.

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