How Does the Better Business Bureau Rate Contractors

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that has been evaluating businesses based on various criteria and making their findings public to promote trust since 1912.

Colorado Springs roofing company BBB rated

The organization uses a rating system from the highest A+ to the lowest F, the letters representing the degree of confidence that one can have in the products and services of the evaluated companies. Colorado Springs roofing company specialists tell us that the ratings provided by the BBB are based on 16 factors – here are some:

  • the complaint history of the business;
  • the type of the business;
  • the time that the business has spent actively in the business;
  • the transparency of the business’ practices;
  • any failure to honor commitments to the BBB;
  • the licensing procedures that the business has undergone;
  • any issues related to advertising.

Each rating element is associated with a certain number of points given or taken based on the specific characteristics of the assessed business. The total score that a business can achieve is 100 points, then the letter rating is awarded based on the score optioned in points. The highest rating is awarded to companies that have earned 97-100 points, while the lowest F rating is given to businesses that earn 0-59.99 points.

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