How Durable Is Your Average Commercial Roof?

It’s hard to consider a new commercial roof if you don’t know how long it will help protect your building for. The main issue is that not only the material can have an impact on durability, but factors such as choosing the wrong type of coating or hiring an inexperienced roofer for the installation process can also lead to dire consequences and a shortened lifespan for your new roof.

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There are commercial roofs that are very cheap to install and last about 10 years, and there are others that might be a little more expensive and difficult to set up, but they can last for up to 40-50 years. According to exemplary commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors, metal and EPDM roofing systems are typically some of the most durable, resilient, energy efficient and easy to repair/maintain. These roofs typically last for a full half century, if they’re properly coated and taken care of. Metal roofs are impact resistant and fireproof, while EPDM is an excellent choice against water damage, and can be fixed in no time with a little sealant or glue.

Asphalt based roofs are typically less expensive, but also less durable. You can expect the lifespan of an asphalt commercial roof to last only half of the life of your average EPDM or metal roof. However, along with TPO roofing, asphalt roofs are still among the most durable and practical roofing installations you can consider for your building.

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