How Is Commercial Roofing Different from Residential Roofing?

A lot of people may think that commercial and residential roofing don’t have that many differences. But in reality commercial roofing is a totally different thing than residential one. Firstly, commercial roofing is usually flat because many commercial spaces are just built like that. And, in order to cover up a flat roof, you will need special materials. For example, you won’t see many commercial roofs that have shingles or stone slabs on them. That’s because the roof needs to be light and easy to maintain. Also, commercial roofs usually need to be more affordable due to the large area they cover.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Secondly, top rated Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors offer practical solutions for commercial roofing materials, as opposed to an aesthetic one like you would get in the case of residential roofing. That’s because companies usually focus more on the efficiency of the roof rather than its looks. So you will see a lot of commercial roofs that are made using very high-tech materials that help the building breathe and also keeps out any of the elements. Although it may not look as good as a residential one, a commercial roof will usually last just as long, or even longer, if maintained properly. Plus, the repairs needed on them are usually much easier to do than for residential ones.

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