How Leaks Are Fixed on Different Types of Commercial Roofs

If your commercial or industrial flat roof starts leaking, you should know that there are several possible causes, depending on the condition and type of the roof.

  • Poor roof drainage
  • Damaged roof cover
  • Unsealed roof penetrations
  • Poor roof waterproofing

If you are dealing with a roof leak, you should work with professional Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors with roof leak repair experience on a wide variety of roofing materials, from bituminous membranes to TPO and EPDM roofs. Patching a roof leak depends on the original roofing material.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

In some situations, applying a thick layer of roofing cement to the affected area and patching the membrane is enough; in other cases, a professional roofer may need to dry out water inside membrane blisters, or to deal with fully saturated layers of roofing material.

If your roof leaks once, it will leak again – you can be sure about this! Leaks will not go away on their own. In general, a roof leak left unattended can cause serious damage. First, the infiltrated water may cause mold and rot in the roof`s structure. Additionally, a very excessive leak can extend beyond the roof insulation, causing damage in the building’s walls and requiring more expensive repairs.

For the more serious causes of commercial roof leaks, such as damaged seams or screws that require full roof repair, it is important to act quickly. If any of these issues are caught early, roof renovation will be easier and cheaper. 

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