How Long Does a Commercial Roof Installation Take

Commercial roofs are usually flat structures made from some type of material that is easy to handle and install. This includes roofing membranes available in large rolls, sheets or panels of metal, or tar paper and gravel for built up structures. Given that the materials are so easy to manipulate, the installation of commercial roofs is usually a very straightforward and reasonably fast process.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Here are some things to know about these projects:

  • The general rule – it is generally said that the installation of an average sized, 3,000 square feet roof takes about four days, and you should add about one more day for every 1,000 square feet of extra roof space.
  • Factors that influence the actual duration – the above calculation can be relied on in the case of simple roofs. Premier Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors also advise that you must be prepared that every roof feature, such as chimneys, skylights, and other openings or structures will add installation time to the overall process.
  • Installation or replacement – the installation of a roof on a new build lasts only for as long as the new materials are mounted on the roof. If you are in need of roof replacement, the duration of the project will include the time needed for removing and disposing of the old materials plus the time for the new installation.

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