How Long Does a Commercial Roof Replacement Take?

The replacement of a commercial roof can take any amount of time from a couple of days to over a month, depending on the features of the roof. While each roof is unique, commercial roofs are usually more complex than the roofing installed on residential buildings, therefore the replacement process is more complex as well – here are the principle factors that influence the installation of commercial roofing in Colorado Springs CO:

  • The type of roof to be removed – some roofs can be removed more easily, while others take longer, but whatever the type of the old roof, it will take a couple of days to rip off;
  • The type of the roof to be installed – some roof types, such as cold-sealed single-ply roofs can be installed faster than others;
  • The size of the roof – larger roofs take longer to be replaced than smaller ones;

commercial roofing construction

  • The slope angle – flat roofs need a shorter time to be replaced than roofs that slope in a steep angle;
  • Additional features – roof that have lots of additional features, such as chimneys and skylights take longer to remove and to install than roofs that are simple;
  • Documentation, quoting and contracting – most roofers take a couple of weeks to provide the requested quote and the roof replacement might also require you or your roofer to obtain permits, processes that also add to the completion time for your commercial roof replacement project.

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