How Many Technicians Are Needed to Install a New Commercial Roof?

A flat roof is a cost-effective and modern solution for commercial buildings.

Once you have determined the cost of your new commercial roof, you will probably want to know how long it will take a roofing team to replace your old roof. How long will the roofers actually be on your property, working on your roof? Will this cause a prolonged disruption to your business?

When it comes to commercial roofs, there are many factors that go into estimating the number of days a roof replacement will take. These are the same factors that determine the number of technicians required to install a new commercial roof. Two to six or seven technicians are typically on a roofing team, depending on the work that needs to be done.

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How long does it take to install a new commercial roof?

The duration of such a project varies depending on the existing roof (its condition). For example, a single-story roof for a building less than 10,000 square feet can be installed within 1-2 weeks, if there is no damage to the underlying structure. However, when re-roofing a large municipal building with multiple roof decks and additional penetrations and roof units, the project may take up to 3 weeks, due to the increased labor and special requirements.

What determines the length of a replacement project?

A larger roofing team will get the job done faster, so make sure you discuss this aspect before contracting a company.

A trusted commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO company can give you the best details regarding cost and work timelines needed for quality roof installation, replacement, or repair.

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