How Much Can a Solar Installation in Denver Help You Save on Your Energy Bill?

If you ask recommended Denver solar installation companies, they can tell you that saving money with the help of solar panels is possible, but the upfront cost of larger solar arrays is still quite high. Nevertheless, because of the favorable placement of Denver, the possibility of tax-related benefits and the improvement of solar technology, solar installations in Denver can be extremely lucrative.

Denver solar installation companies

Depending on the number, efficiency and placement of your solar panels, you can save quite a lot by having them installed. Most homeowners save up to $1,500 every year by having a solar panel array installed. However, the amount of sunlight and the weather conditions that are present in your area can make a huge difference. During years with less sunlight, it can be harder to achieve similar results, and some parts of Colorado will receive overall less sunlight per year statistically, when compared to southern states like Texas or Arizona.

Nevertheless, because the climate in Denver is quite arid and dry, precipitation levels are not as great in Denver as they are in most surrounding states. So even though the geographic placement makes Denver colder than most cities in the south, you can still enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per yea, which is even more than places like Miami or San Diego.

As a result of the amount of sunshine you can experience in Denver, solar roofing shingles and solar arrays are an adequate solution for reducing energy bill payments. If you want to have the best possible results, consider installing higher end solar panels that have an efficiency rate that gets close to 20%.

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