How Much Does A Typical New Roof Cost?

According to statistical data, the average cost of the installation of a new roof is in the 5,000-11,000 range, with the price of most new roofs being around 8,000. However, according to knowledgeable Colorado Springs roofing company experts, the actual price that you will have to pay for your roof depends on many factors – here are some that will influence the final costs:

  • The material used – the most affordable roofing solutions are the systems that use asphalt shingles, followed in line by metal and various synthetic materials and with clay and cement tiles and natural roofing materials, such as green roofing, wood and slate occupying the top of the price range;

Colorado Springs roofing company expert

  • Labor costs – shingle and metal roofs are the easiest and cheapest to install and they can be installed on top of the old roof if it is strong enough, the feature further reducing the related labor expenses. Clay and cement tiles, slate, wood and green roofs require special expertise to install, therefore they incur higher labor rates;
  • Maintenance – when calculating the costs of your new roof, you should add maintenance costs, too. Most roofing materials are cheap and easy to maintain, all they need being regular inspections and cleaning, while others, such as green roofs require professional maintenance, which adds to the overall costs.

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