How Much Will It Cost to Replace Your Flat Roof or Buy a Residential Flat Roof Replacement?

Most experts can tell you that replacing a roof will cost you thousands of dollars. However, depending on the type of roof you own, the exact amount you’ll have to be dealing with will differ greatly. While an expensive, natural slate or copper roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace, flat roofing systems are actually a lot cheaper, despite the fact that they’re designed as commercial grade roofing structures.

Interstate Roofing Colorado Springs

According to most Interstate Roofing Colorado Springs experts, the average amount you have to pay on an EPDM rubber roof would be about $2,250 to $5,000. This translates to about $2 to $4 per square foot, which is definitely not as much as most people would expect. Depending on whether you also need a few structural upgrades and additional coatings to protect your roof against the elements, that amount might get a little higher, but it still won’t compare with the $20,000+ that you’d normally spend on a sloped roof with all the bells and whistles.

Of course, flat roofs aren’t just designed as high grade options for commercial roof replacement. Some people also prefer to install EPDM and membrane flat roofs as a residential roofing option for their home. In such cases, the costs involved will be even lower, and the choice will definitely be a practical one for people who need a budget-friendly roof.

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