How Often Should You Inspect a Brand-New Slate Roof?

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Slate roofs stand out not only with their unique beauty, but with their durability as well – the roofs built from thin pieces of natural stone can last for over a century even among harsh climate conditions. However, even these durable structures need regular inspections to maintain their strength – here is how often you should get your new slate roof checked:

  • Regular inspections in spring and in fall – winter and summer are the two harshest seasons for roofs, which means that your roof and the drainage system attached to it will need to be checked and cleaned before that, in spring and in fall, to find any faults that could compromise the structure’s strength. The inspections need to be followed by timely repairs to restore the roof before the summer storms and the fall rains put it to the test;
  • Additional inspections after major weather events – heavy rains, strong storms, intensive snow and harsh winds can all damage your roof, even if you have done everything you could to maintain its strength. To prevent any roofing issues, have a top Colorado Springs roofing company perform a roof and gutter inspection after each major weather event and clean the debris that you find on the roof surface as well as in the gutters.

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