How to Avoid Storm Damage: Tips from Experienced Colorado Springs Roofers

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In Colorado Springs, storms can occur unexpectedly, so defending your roof starts with understanding the dynamics of these weather events. #1 ranked Interstate Roofing professionals stress the significance of remaining aware of regional weather patterns, allowing you to anticipate potential risks and take preventive measures.

Fortifying the defenses

  • Trimming overhanging branches – Overhanging branches pose a risk during storms. Cutting them prevents potential damage to your roof.
  • Secure loose items – Objects like patio furniture and loose debris become projectiles in strong winds. Secure or store these items before a storm hits.

The roof inspection ritual

Regular roof inspections are the armor against storm damage. Colorado Springs roofers recommend adopting a proactive approach:

  • Check for loose shingles – Loose or damaged shingles can be torn off during high winds.
  • Examine flashing and sealant – Ensure that flashing and sealant around chimneys and vents are intact, preventing water infiltration.

Gutters as protectors: channeling water away from trouble

To be prepared for storms, gutters are essential. Maintain them in ideal shape by:

  • Regular cleaning – Clear debris to prevent water backup and potential roof leaks.
  • Ensure proper slope – Confirm that gutters have the correct slope to facilitate water flow.

Post-storm evaluation

After a storm, Colorado Springs roofers recommend a swift post-storm evaluation:

  • Inspect for damage – Look for any apparent indications of damage, including dents or missing shingles.
  • Immediate repairs – To stop further damage, take immediate action to resolve any flaws found.

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