How to Choose the Right Shingle Color

One of the factors that decisively influence the result of a construction is the design. Unfortunately, it is often provided with too little attention and thus it happens that the final results does not correspond aesthetically with the style of the building or with the personality of those who live in it.

Choosing a roof color is not that simple and you must take into account the following aspects:

  1. The architectural style

The roof color should perfectly match the architectural features of the house – walls, exterior doors, windows etc.

To get a nice and balanced aspect, you have to choose a color from the same range as the existing colors of other exterior elements of the house; if you want the house is to stand out, you can opt for a contrasting shade of the roof.

Colorado Springs roofing companies offer energy efficiency roofing options

  1. Energy efficiency

Your roof`s color contributes to the energy efficiency of the house. According to experienced Colorado Springs roofing companies, light shades reflect the sun, so they are a good choice for roofs in areas with a warmer climate and a lot of sunshine; darker roof shades absorb the heat and are ideal in areas with a colder climate.

  1. Roofs of neighboring houses

Although each house is unique and is expected to bear the mark of the owner’s personality, you must not neglect the aspect of the other houses in the neighborhood, to prevent disturbing the chromatic harmony.


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