How to Keep Moisture Off Your Flat Commercial Roof

Besides the integrity of a flat commercial roof, good insulation is the key to keep moisture away. The basic principle in designing insulation on flat roofs is drainage, which must be one of the details to start with.


In this regard:

flat roof moisture drainage

  • each drainage area must be equipped with at least two drainage points
  • commercial roofing Denver CO drainage experts should ensure that a roof which is only provided with an internal drainage systems should be completed with emergency overflows
  • the roof sump receiver should be placed at least 1m above the structure that extends above the roof plane (attics, roof structure, chimneys, etc.). Otherwise, it may get clogged with dirt or snow, especially when it is located on preeminent parts of the exposed structure
  • these receivers must be so placed and designed as not to affect the structure under the roof
  • the height of the upper side of the receiver must be less than the adjacent level of the roof surface and, at the same time, it must be in the lowest part of the drainage area
  • when using a vapor barrier, it is necessary to have a solution that evacuates water from the vapor protection system too
  • the evacuation area must be embedded beneath the adjacent surface of the roof covering



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