How to Look for Hidden Leaks and Roofing Damage


One of the most important things when you are trying to take care of your residential roofing system is to look out for leaks and any other types of water infiltration that can occur. That’s because small leaks can turn into big ones that can cause very serious problems. One way of checking for leaks is to use light to check for any small spaces between the tiles, sheets, shingles or slates of the roof. Just go up under the roof on a sunny day and watch where light is coming in from. Follow the beam and you will find your leak.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Another way of checking for damage in your residential roofing system is to have it scanned using an infrared camera attached to a drone. Innovative Colorado Springs roofing companies use improved technology to complete roof inspections, in order to find any potential hotspots that can in time damage the roofing materials or dips in the materials used. If materials have shifted, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it can cause some serious problems. That’s because shifted materials can cause water to flow unnaturally and even puddle atop of your roof. That can lead to infiltrations and even cause corrosion on some of the roof’s components.

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