How to Make Your Roof Work with the Landscape

To confer a harmonious appearance to your entire property, it is essential to integrate the design of the roof with the appearance of the building as well as with the structure of the landscape that surrounds it.

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If you are looking for a way to create the connection between your home and the green area around it, here are a few tips from an experienced Fort Collins roofer that could help you:

  • Play with the colors – choose the color for your roof based on the accents around the house, such as the color of the stone used on the pavement or the dominant color of the rocks on your driveway:
  • Play with shapes – the dominant shapes in the garden should match the dominant shape of the roof. A steep sloping roof with a pointed tip can be attractively matched by similarly pointed trees, such as pine trees;
  • Play with styles – a roof that uses traditional materials, such as clay tiles integrate well with a rustic landscape that is not too structured and organized, while modern buildings that features metal, glass, square shapes and a flat roof looks better if the area around is also structured, in the middle of a garden with carefully designed, square flower beds and meticulously trimmed lawn.

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