How To Protect Your Commercial Roof During The Summer Months

The roofs on commercial buildings are built using resistant, durable materials, but even these materials need protection, especially in climate areas that get extreme summers, with high heat, extended dry spells or rainy periods. Here is how to give your roof the protection it needs:

  • Inspect and maintain the roof before and after summer – regular roof inspections are the best way to detect any roof issues that need repair before they turn into severe issues. The inspection should be followed by roof cleaning to remove any debris from the roof surface and to prevent exposure to excessive moisture. Commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO representatives support that the process should also include the inspection, the cleaning and the repair of the gutters and the downspouts – the drainage system is especially important for flat commercial roof that are very sensitive to any exposure to water that is not drained by the gutters;

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  • Protection with coatings – roof coatings are paint-like chemicals that provide extra protection to roofing materials. Some coatings prevent overheating by enhancing the roof’s reflective properties, others provide protection from harmful UV rays and there are products that sealing the surface of the roof and enhancing its water resistance. Whatever the purpose of the coating process, the protective layer needs to be refreshed regularly, at the intervals specified in the instructions of the coating product of choice.

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