How to Weatherproof a Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs, especially flat ones, need some extra attention to ensure that the structure can stand up to whatever weather comes along. While most properly built commercial roofs can resist changing temperatures quite well, most of them are sensitive to the harmful actions of water, so weatherproofing in the case of most commercial roofs means, in fact, waterproofing.

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Here are some of the most efficient ways to improve the strength of your commercial roof and to make it water-resistant:

  • Take care of proper maintenance – commercial roofs, especially flat roofing, need to be inspected and cleaned every six months. Both phases are essential for ensuring roof health: roof cleaning removes any debris that might damage the roofing surface, while inspection reveals potential issues and problems that need repair; experienced commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO contractors offer expert roofing inspections and maintenance services.
  • Address issues – the problems detected during the inspection, such as any cracks, sagging, shrinkage and slitting, need to be fixed as soon as possible;
  • Apply suitable waterproof coating – there are many coating products that you can use for waterproofing your roof – some of them should be rolled on, others are sprayed on, but they are all applied on clean, repaired roofs and they all need to be reapplied every 3-5 years to ensure that your roof stays weatherproof.

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