I Have a Leak – Can You Just Repair the Leak and Not Replace the Roof

If you have a roof leak, the decision to repair it or replace the roof altogether depends on the overall condition of the roof and its age.

A new roof with a minor problem that allowed a bit of rain water to sweep in can and should be repaired; on the other hand, a roof that reached the end of its lifespan already, or is damaged beyond efficient repair, should be replaced, to avoid a potential disaster.

It is important to look for some important signs in order to know when it is time to make a plan for the replacement of your roof. Roof replacement Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors can assess your home or business.

Roof replacement Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

  • The appearance of cracks – a wrong installation of the roof can lead to the appearance of cracks that allow water infiltration to affect the structure of the roof, weakening it more and more and degrading it.
  • Corrosion – in the case of a metal roof, inferior quality of the materials as well as lack of ventilation and protection will allow corrosion. In this case, the metal will lose progressively its qualities and properties, which will lead inevitably to a rapid deterioration of the roof.
  • Using roofing materials unsuitable for a particular geographical area
  • Failure to follow installation recommendations – an inexperienced installer can irreparably damage a roof system
  • Improperly waterproofing

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