If I Get Icicles on My Roof, is that Due to Issues with My Roof?

Icicles are part of the magic of winter, and pictures of them taken from the right angles can make an impression on Instagram… However, you really should not want them hanging from your eaves.

Colorado Springs roofing companies maintain your roof in all seasons

Icicles are just the inverted top of the iceberg formed in the gutters and downspouts. The ice accumulated in these areas is not only dangerous to those who pass underneath (which is why landlords, tenants and HOAs have the obligation to remove it), but may also cause serious damage to the construction itself. We are talking about the risk of gutter deformation, cracking pipes, damaged roof elements, water infiltrations or leaks. Even the foundation of the house can be affected, in the long run.

Heat losses from inside the building will heat the roof structure, but not the gutters. Therefore, melted snow will freeze when it gets in contact with them. A first step when it comes to preventing this phenomenon is to install an efficient ventilation system for the space under the roof, which will prevent significant variations in temperature.

Regarding the rainwater system, which consists of gutters and downspouts, an important role is played by the accessories it must be provided with, to allow safe water drainage to the sewerage network.

Additionally, a de-icing system for your roof, which works on the basis of heated electric cables, is a very efficient and convenient solution.

Visit with reputable Colorado Springs roofing companies for roof and gutter inspection and repair, and follow up with recommendations annually to keep your roof problem free.

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