Innovative Commercial Roofing Materials for Fort Collins Businesses

As you look for advanced roofing materials like EPDM, TPO or metal panel roofing, you might end up ignoring your commercial building’s overall need for protection against the element. Recently, the focus of many businesses has been not on replacing their marginally older roofing systems, but to opt for innovative upgrades that can protect against UV rays, precipitation and other stressors.

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High-density extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a type of roofing insulation that has commonly been used for wall applications in the past, but has recently been used to a greater degree for inverted roof membrane assembly. Fort Collins commercial roofing experts tell us that if you’re planning to install a type of membrane roof that requires additional insulation and your budget doesn’t allow for expensive insulation materials, then XPS is probably your best choice for commercial roof insulation.

Commercial roof coatings have been used to a greater degree in recent years due to their growing reflective and protective capabilities, which have improved gradually over time because of advancing technological innovations. One of the most popular types of coatings that have received a lot of attention lately is silicone coating. This material is suitable both for reflecting UV radiation and for preventing rainwater from making it into your building when your roof is old and somewhat degraded.

A silicone coating patch-up job for the areas of your commercial roof that are most frequently affected by rain can go a long way towards ensuring added protection against water damage.

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