Is a New Metal Roof the Right Option for Your Denver Home?

Opting for a metal roof is typically recommended for homeowners who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on roofing repairs and want a low-maintenance roof that is also energy-efficient, resilient and able to cope with bad weather. Unfortunately, the weather in Denver and much of Colorado doesn’t allow for stylish wood shake roofs or inexpensive but fragile asphalt shingle roofs too easily. As a result, trustworthy Denver roofing companies affirm that it’s important to take all the factors into account and get the sturdiest roofing system that your money can afford.

Denver roofing companies

Some might argue that a copper roof is very expensive and, as a result, all metal roofs must cost a lot. However, steel and aluminum are far more abundant and affordable materials compared to copper. Although copper roofs are highly sought out, a steel roof might actually be more durable and easier to maintain.

If you’re worried about energy efficiency, you’ll be glad to know that most metal roofing systems are very good at keeping the heat inside during winter. Their reflective abilities also make them excellent cool roofs in the summer, so you won’t need to use your AC too often.

Finally, in terms of storm damage prevention, there are few other roofing systems that are better than a sturdy metal roof. A sturdy metal roof can withstand strong winds, high precipitation and even hail and lightning strikes far more easily than other types of roofing.

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