Is It Costly to Change the Type of Roofing Material on My Home?

The average price of a roof replacement is around 8,000 dollars, but the costs of replacing your old roof with a different type of material depends on many factors – here are some:

  • The price of the new material – currently, asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing materials; the second material in the line in terms of pricing is metal, followed by synthetic materials, clay and cement tiles and with wood, slate, green roofing systems and solar roofs being the most expensive options;
  • The removal of the old roof – some roofing materials can be installed on top of the old roof, while others need the old roof to be removed completely. The previous category requires less work and the process does not generate any debris, therefore it is cheaper;

Colorado Springs roofing company

  • The size of your roof and the extra features that need to be catered for – the price of your new roof is calculated per square foot, so the larger the roof, the higher the final amount. Colorado Springs roofing company authorities remind us that remodeling a roof that features multiple slopes and other features, such as dormers or skylights also make the roof more expensive;
  • Labor fees – not all materials are installed for the same rates. Asphalt shingles and metal panels are the cheapest in terms of labor costs, too, while green roofs, solar roofs and the materials that require special expertise, dedicated technologies and tools to install will be the most expensive.

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