Is It Harder to Repair an Older Colorado Slate Roof Than a Metal Roof?

Slate roofing systems are typically designed to be very resilient and durable. You won’t normally have much trouble with them except having to perform some basic maintenance jobs every now and then. However, when it comes to roof repairs required when your roof does sustain damage, it’s usually a pretty close debate as to whether older slate roofs or new types of metal roofing systems are better suited for residential use.

Most notable Denver roofing companies will tell you that slate roofs won’t require too much work when you only have a few damaged tiles that need replacing. The process of repairing the broken roof is simple. The same goes for damaged flashing and several other common problems that you might encounter. The difficulty arises when you have to deal with an older slate roof, since slate systems are typically installed without an underlayment designed to protect the internal structure of the roof from external stressors. So, when the damage is heavy, you might be required to replace the older roof entirely.

Metal roofing, on the other hand, is generally low maintenance and easy to repair. Metal panels and shingles are not difficult to replace when they sustain damage or were affected by rust. Also, metal sometimes provides a tighter seal which helps to better protect the internal structure of your roof.

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