Patching vs. Reroofing

After a while, every roof needs replacement or at least some repairs. The roof’s health has a major impact on the safety of the people living under it and the building itself, so all defects or problems must be dealt with swiftly.

When you notice that the condition of your roof has become questionable, you must carry out a careful inspection, which will help you to decide whether the roof needs to be replaced, or some repairs will do. This inspection should be done by roofing specialists, who know what to look for, due to their technical knowledge and experience.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Most problems can be repaired if the damage is not too extensive, and the roof – not too old. Patching leaks and replacing broken tiles are common operations that must be done as soon as the problem occurs, precisely to prevent bigger damage that would require reroofing. However, when disaster strikes and a large area of the roof gets damaged, experienced Colorado Springs roofing companies confirm that patching repairs may be inefficient and, in this case, your roofer will recommend you a system replacement. If you will keep repairing an inefficient roof (because you WILL have to repair it very often!), you`ll end up paying more than for replacing it, not to mention the discomfort you will experience, poor energy efficiency etc.

Reroofing is also recommended when the roof is old.

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