Pitfalls to Avoid When You Want to Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Roof

One of the largest, if not the single largest surface through which energy can slip out from inside your home is surely the roof, that is why replacing your old, worn and leaking roof with a new structure made from some sort of energy efficient modern material is so beneficial for your energy bills. However, the process also has some pitfalls that you should know about and avoid:

  • Not choosing the right material – there are many great energy-efficient roofing materials available on the market today. Two options that stand out in terms of lifespan attractive appearance and thermal performance are clay and cement tiles. If the two materials are to your liking, be aware that both are very heavy, therefore suitable only for solid buildings;
  • Not installing insulation – an energy efficient roof is usually not just a roof consisting of just a surface material such as asphalt shingle or metal, but a roof that consists of multiple layers including adequate insulation. Failing to install that insulation is a costly mistake that is very difficult to remedy later;
  • Not removing the old layer of roof – many homeowners choose to install their second layer of metal roofing on top of the old one in hope of obtaining better thermal performance. The decision is wrong from many points of view, first of all because a roof consisting of two layers is usually more unsafe then the old shabby roof used to be on its own.

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