Protecting Your Commercial Roof From Debris

Over time, the roof of a commercial building, especially those that have a flat roof may gather all kinds of debris. Debris found on the ground around the building can find their way onto the roof during windy days such as tree branches and leaves, which are the most common debris found on rooftops. The best way of protecting your commercial roof from debris would be by good old fashioned cleaning. Regularly cleaning the roof is recommended by Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors to prevent the gathering of too much debris over time.

roof cleaning is recommended by Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Too much debris on a rooftop may prove hazardous, especially if left unattended over long periods. It can trap water after a rainfall which can lead to the roofing material underneath to deteriorate. Maintaining a clean environment around the building, as well as trimming the trees themselves is the best method in preventing too much debris to be blown on the roof or fall from nearby trees.

Beside organic debris, man-made components may also be present, such as objects that could break or detach during a storm. Antennas, pieces of glass, nails and other smaller man-made debris can also be found on a roof. Other areas on the roof such as the gutters are essential in keeping them clean, especially on a flat roof, so that the water may slide off and reduce the risk of forming ponds.

One cannot have full control over nature, however, one can take small steps to minimize the damage that could be done. Regular cleaning of the roof and the proper management of the surrounding area may help to greatly reduce the amount of debris and damage that can be caused to a commercial roof.

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