Reasons to Invest in Slate Roofing

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Slate is an attractive, natural roofing material, one of the most durable and most traditional options. Consisting of slabs of stone cut manually, slate systems are not the cheapest, they are surely heavy and their installation requires special expertise, but their incredible qualities still make the option an excellent choice. Here is why:

  • Longevity – natural stone has been standing up to the elements for millions of years, the roofs built from the material being the most durable systems, with a longevity of over 100 years;
  • Resistance – slate resists to whatever the weather brings about, including rain, snow, wind and sunshine. Colorado Springs roofing companies with extensive experience confirm that the material is non-combustible, making the perfect choice for fire-prone areas and no rodents, termites and other pests can harm it;
  • Increased property value – slate roofs are appreciated by potential buyers, too, allowing sellers to increase their asking price;
  • Unparalleled beauty – no other roofing material can match the elegance and style of slate. There are no two slabs that are completely the same and natural stone features many different shades and grains.

If slate seems like an attractive solution, you should be aware that the material is very heavy and quite brittle, being sensitive to impact.

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