Residential Roof Repair Advice on When to Call a Professional Roofer

Very often, it is hard to know when you may need to repair the roof because this element cannot be checked every day. In general, you are faced with so many things that it is easy to forget, which can create problems.

Inspecting the roof annually to identify potential vulnerabilities and damage is crucial. This way, you can make the necessary repairs before the injury affects your entire building and your belongings. Finding roof flaws early can save you from many problems and a lot of money in the long run.

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Early signs indicating that it is time to call a professional Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Colorado Springs roofing company:

  1. The appearance of moisture stains on the walls and ceilings. Among the first signs indicating damage to the roof is the appearance of wet spots on the walls. Check and be sure it is not another source for their apparition, and call a professional roofer asap.
  2. The appearance of mold. A different sign, which should not occur when the roof does not have problems, is the appearance of mold. This problem happens not only because of water leaks but also because of the moisture formed in the absence of adequate roof ventilation.
  3. Daylight enters through the roof. Make it a habit to check the roof from the inside of the attic, so you can see if daylight penetrates through the roof. If you notice spots of light, they are unsealed areas that allow rainwater to get inside the building.

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